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Ambi ParameswaranCritic Review The latest Myntra digital film weaves a wonderful story around biases that exist in corporates, not just in India but around the world. The product story too more
14 Dec 2015 Reply
Raj NairCritic Review Bold is beautiful indeed. Well done Anouk and Myntra for picking up such a sensitive issue as pregnancy and the working pregnant womans pressures and issues more
09 Dec 2015 Reply
Aman Aggarwal Brilliant piece of work. Myntra as a brand has finally made sure it actually stands for something good. Rather than being just a clothing brand. Kudos!
24 Sep 2016 Reply
Priya Nevtia (Guest) Powerful string of emotions.. Well-communicated.. Social message loud and clear, comfortably squeezing in the product!
26 Feb 2016 Reply
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