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Sudarshan BanerjeeCritic Review While the execution of the ad is good, the narrative fails to emphasize on an important aspect. 'Lifetime mobile bill free' is a large proposition, but doesn't more
17 Aug 2015 Reply
Nidhin (Guest) Food ho toh vegetarian hi :) Its built with imagination (read assumption) that colonies would continue to be oppressed. If there was so much inhumanity, why more
15 Aug 2015 Reply
azmina (Guest) there are better ways to convey this message...bad script and direction
14 Aug 2015 Reply
mita bhattacharya (Guest) Its not alienating Brits, if I have got the right message , it wAS TO convey the importance of freedom. We cant deny this was a fact and would have continued more
13 Aug 2015 Reply
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Tuhin Chongder Music , Sound / Audiography
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