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Lyrics that rhyme. Great Melody. This ad has all the perfect ingredients to make it memorable . Share your view..

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Comments (12)
Mohit Bhatia This is genius. So fresh! And the BG music and sound, just works!
09 Sep 2016 Reply
Ganesh Subramanian HAHHAAHHAHAHA !! that was good fun! great job guys!
28 Jan 2016 Reply
Sai Nikhil Dintakurthi entertaining but not an effective one, song and lyric is gud but background voice for msg is not effective for that few humor should be added. All the way very more
31 Jul 2015 Reply
Krishna (Guest) Just enjoy it. It is only an Ad... Funny, and even if it made you smile for a moment that is a healthy freebie
24 Jul 2015 Reply
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