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Relationships often get strained due to professional demands. At such times, smartphones transcend their role of being a mere communicating device, and play cupid. Watch one such sweet story brought to life by airtel, the network made for smartphones.
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Rajiv Jasuja (Guest) A good Ad, with a lot of sensitivity, but I think the Brand message was lost or will not get registered with the viewers in general. 
06 Aug 2014 Reply
rohit agada (Guest) The twist is twisted:-(
05 Aug 2014 Reply
Swapnil Morris The work is well executed but yes it does not work well for the brand as the "brand' itself was not highlighted!!
05 Aug 2014 Reply
Sapna Verma Airtel is creating unnecessary controversy out of it.. For Free Pubilicity i am sure
05 Aug 2014 Reply
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