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Amit Kumar ShrivastavaCritic Review

Havell's has a somewhat tricky task on hand, moving up the value chain from switches to appliances. Though not as high expertise as white goods, it is still

It would have been tempting for Havell's to fall into the build-credibility-through-tech-expertise-trap Hats off to the brand team to instead choose a bold ideological point of view. The former would have positioned it as a wannabe brand, the latter is far more likely to win it the hearts of those it stands up for.

For the longest time, categories targeting women and offering them convenience have had to tip-toe around one issue, her guilt. Which is why from Maggi to Everest masala to Whirlpool, brands have instead celebrated the uncompromised quality of results (as good as the old way) rather than in-your-face convenience.

Havell's has instead adopted what only bold challengers dare to the contrarian point of view. Aligning itself with the emerging idea that household work needn't be the source of identity for the new Indian housewife. She is ok to admit she is not very good at it and is not really embarrassed about it. With shifting gender equations, she is instead questioning why this is solely her responsibility.

Havell's has offered a new meaning for appliances not merely convenience tools for the housewife, but something that the man should use to do his work too.

What makes this interesting is not merely the contrarian ideology (when other zig, zag), but also it's emergent nature. It is a conversation emerging in some of the younger, nuclear, mostly upper SEC homes, and not always without a tussle. That's where the brand taking a stand has value.

The brand team has clearly done their homework well! more
08 Nov 2014 Reply
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Shweta Rajput (Guest) Great insights!! i loved this ad and the whole new perspective towards women empowerment.
11 Nov 2014
Sukhpreet Singh :D
04 Dec 2016 Reply
←ครђเรђ Batra Well that's fit for an Indian culture. They have tried to give a message that women is not kitchen appliances. But from marketers point of view delivering a more
28 Sep 2014 Reply
DG (Guest) Very nice concept and beautifully executed. What the misogynists who have commented below do not understand is what the ad is trying to convey. What they want more
08 Sep 2014 Reply
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