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Background In a category of 30+ brands and half a billion consumers, Ariel wanted to launch a new Matic Pack and hit sales growth. The big challenge that lay ahead for Ariel was to beat the Goliath brand Surf Excel. The competition, in the past year, had put all their might into product launches.

Ideation We identified a huge growth opportunity. We turned the category norm on its head and reframed the conversation to equality at home. Instead of talking to women about a superior detergent, we would tell their other halves how to do the laundry. Indian parents take a lot of effort to teach their daughters household chores forgetting that their sons will need to share the load equally. According to a Nielsen Survey, 70% married men believe that household chores are a woman's responsibility. Most Indian men, while growing up, never saw their dads help out at home. As a result, they too end up passing inequality to their children. It was time for men esp. fathers to 'SHARE THE LOAD' as your child will follow your example not your advice.

Execution Phase-1 • We got India to think deeper about the issue by showing a 'Dads apology to his daughter' along with some hard-hitting facts about household inequality. • Sheryl Sandberg and Melinda Gates endorsed the idea; garnering international support for the cause. • The campaign moved the nation and went viral globally, quickly reaching 50 million people.

Phase-2 • Getting men to commit to Share the Load In store, we launched a custom 'Odd/Even' Laundry Pack with a marked calendar with which both Men and Women could do laundry on alternate days. • National airing of couples’ testimonial about sharing the laundry load was introduced to overwhelming response. • Celebrities joined the movement by thanking their parents for instilling the right values and Sharing the Load. We leveraged celebrities and influencers to make #Dads #ShareTheLoad a Mass Movement reaching 600 Million Indians. • National TV Integrations ensured that the equality message reached the length and breadth of India. Millions of fathers, husbands and sons came ahead to confess and pledged to #ShareTheLoad. • To imbibe right values in future dads, we got Tinkle to re-script their comics with sharing the load as a key driver of equality at home. • To make Odd/Even a habit we reminded both genders Reached men through rotating OOH across key metros and women with tasks in all regional Kalnirnay calendars.
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