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Background The chocolate category was very cluttered and heating up on mass media. Banners ads were hitting blind spots and getting ignored. The challenge was to reach out to and innovatively engage as many people as possible in digital medium, without burning a big hole in Snickers pockets.

Ideation A new angle on the insight was that we also make mistakes when hungry. Search was the only platform that helped us to leverage this insight as people tend to make spelling mistakes while searching when they are hungry. We tied this audience and behaviour insight with one of the most common errors people make while searching on the internet MISSPELLING!!

Execution Search was clearly the gateway to the internet, especially for the young affluent buyers of Snickers. However, Google was also a crowded environment with more than 5.92 bn number of searches. If we could find an interesting way to use Search to communicate our brand message, we would hit home to just the right TG. Therefore, we activated the campaign as each time someone misspelt a word searching on Google they received a tailored message to "Grab yourself a Snickers" as "Yu cant spel properlie wen hungrie." The interesting & innovative thing to note here is that we weren't targeting the misspellings of keywords associated with the brand Snickers, but rather capitalizing on keywords across the board. And taking total advantage of a simple, common human error is what has worked for this innovation.
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