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Background: SNICKERS' message of "You’re not you when you’re hungry" was well established, however a very important market, Delhi, had low awareness scores. Being a comparatively new brand in India, MARS has focused its brand availability in top metros and so, Delhi lies on priority. The challenge was to reach and innovatively engage with our audiences in Delhi, without burning a big hole in our pockets.

Ideation: The hottest topic in Delhi from 1-15th January 2016 was the Odd-Even formula implemented to control pollution levels in the city. News channels, print and digital were full of reactions and conversations round this topic. However not every Delhite was necessarily following this rule – they were acting out of character. We saw this an opportunity to bring our brand’s proposition "you are not you when you’re hungry" alive. People who were driving an even car on an odd day were given SNICKERS to satisfy their 'hunger' so they could come back to their normal selves and follow the rules to make Delhi less polluted.

Execution: We started by putting up hoardings asking if people were driving an "odd car on an even day" or vice versa. On the last day we sent promoters to busy traffic junctions wearing Snickers T-shirts, they gave defaulters a Snickers bar and a message: to get back into their normal character. Popular RJ's interacted with Delhites coupled with live OB links. #getevenwithhunger on Facebook reached 2.8 lakh people in just one day. In fact, Sonam Kapoor, our brand ambassador picked up the news and tweeted on the topic.
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