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The Client Since its foundation in 1942, Asian Paints has come a long way to become India’s leading and Asia’s fourth largest paint company. As one of the largest Indian paint company & manufacturers, offering a wide range of painting & waterproofing solutions for homes, offices & more. Problem Statement Increase user engagement and brand recall during the festive season. Because painting the home is something which is usually undertaken at this time, we wanted to capitalise on the occasion, urging customers towards Asian Paints as the brand of choice. Showcase a paint company and make it culturally relevant. This necessitates focusing not on the product or service itself but the emotional results that it leads to – a beautiful home. Usually, at Asian Paints we target our marketing efforts online towards a primarily female audience aged between 25-45 years. This time we needed an inclusive campaign that connected to both men and women, because during the festive season, choosing to paint or redecorate the home becomes a largely family driven decision. Identified Objectives To craft an emotional bond between the home and its residents. To position the home as an emotional symbol for men and women. Drive consumers towards Asian Paints as their paint brand of choice Develop a deep association between the brand, the home and its residents. The Strategy/Execution The Big Idea: As India’s largest brand of paints and finishes, we crafted a campaign around the idea “No Place Like Home”. The trend of traveling has taken the world by storm and most individuals aspire to travel to unexplored destinations. We needed to counter this by romanticising the home as the place one comes back to; a space that is full of love and memories.
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