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A guerilla campaign on search and youtube powered by automation which became 1st ever campaign to leverage real-time search predictions br br Background Context Due to competition launches the consideration for BMW cars was getting affected With the new Audi A4 launch biggest for Audi India in 2016 there was a possibility of drop in sales for BMW in Q3 The objective was clear Spoil the competition launch party and drive consideration for BMW 3 Series br br Idea Strategy Through predictive analysis on search trends for Audi we identified that the volume for Audi A4 will be 7X higher than BMW during one week post the launch Hence we planned to piggyback on the competition launch and capitalize on the buzz created by them Our strategy was not to outshout the competition but to leverage their impact and deliver ROI for BMW in the planned budget br br The idea was to leverage technology to automate the whole process in a smart manner We developed an API script that automatically captured the search predictions from google and imported them to adwords campaign on real-time basis after auto-filtering through 1500 negative terms This helped to avoid triggers on unwanted search queries Hourly bid automation for all search queries helped to drive efficiency when it mattered the most br br Results This became the 1st ever campaign to leverage real-time search predictions BMW managed 90 impression share over Audi and Audi A4 queries on Google With automation query filtering the campaign operated at 15 lower CPC v s past The campaign delivered 4X higher conversions and 2X increase in visits calls to dealerships br br And yes we also hijacked the Audi A4 launched video on their YouTube Channel to welcome user s with BMW Pre-Roll ad before they watched the actual Audi A4 launch video
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