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Description: Creatively-led and executed a campaign for Dentsu Webchutney which allowed interested applicants to share their browser history instead of a resume to kick-start the ‘I want a job here’ conversation, as their browser history is a lot more indicative of their personality, rather than an official document.

Background/Context: The resume is usually a web of glorified statements meant to sound impressive when strung together, and doesn’t give the employer a real understanding of the applicant’s personality and vibe. Idea/Strategy: Introducing #PauseTheResume – an innovative hiring campaign that let interested applicants apply with a near-to-true reflection of their personality – their browser history

Execution: Instead of the resume, the agency launched a website which let applicants voluntarily upload selected links of their browser history to kick-start their career with Webchutney.

Results: PauseTheResume garnered immense positive PR through social media and advertising publications. Over 400 entries have been received till date, 60 shortlisted and 3 stand-out candidates have been hired. This is only the beginning.
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