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Creatively-led and executed the world’s first real-time technology which predicted a hangover. The Bro’ster – a coaster that helps you drink smart.

Background/Context: Morning Fresh is an all-natural drink that helps prevent hangovers.

Its problem? Sales at pubs & bars were stagnant, and traditional marketing efforts to convince patrons to include Morning Fresh as part of their order, had failed. Bar patrons had to be reminded to pick up a Morning Fresh on their way out, without the brand coming across as a buzzkill.

Idea/Strategy: No one truly knows if they're going to wake up with a hangover, while they're drinking. So we turned to the one thing that accompanies your drink at a bar- the coaster- and turned it into: 'The Bro'ster'- the first interactive coaster that predicts a hangover. Execution: The Bro’ster contained load sensors and a running timer that were programmed to capture a patron’s drinking speed in real-time, using change in weight and time as parameters.

Based on their drinking speed, the Bro’ster displayed funny, sarcastic and witty contextual messages on its LCD screen. If they were drinking too quick, the Bro’ster would foresee an approaching hangover, and remind them to pick up a Morning Fresh on their way out, all while seamlessly fitting in within their regular drinking experience.

Results: The Bro'ster went bar-hopping around Bengaluru, and helped peak interest in clubs & bars about Morning Fresh, eventually, making it part of a routine 'order'. Over 10 bars reached out to the brand, requesting the 'Bro'ster' to visit them. The curiosity levels reached beyond Bengaluru city, with even Buzzfeed India wanting trying out the Bro'ster drinking experience. As for Morning Fresh- its presence within Bengaluru expanded its presence by 50% within Bengaluru, and in a month, even widened its distribution to bars in two more metros.
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