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During Breastfeeding Week, Mee Mee conducted a survey to assess the common opinion of breastfeeding mothers across age groups and cities. A 4-question survey was circulated online while mothers who visited the Mee Mee stores were questioned in person. On summarizing the responses of the survey, Mee Mee found that a large number of breastfeeding mothers were uncomfortable to talk about it. Some were more comfortable talking about it to their doctors in comparison to their families while others chose to not discuss it at all. Here are the results of the survey: We received over 1000 responses wherein 48% admitted they are aware about the benefits of breastfeeding and 68% women admitted that they are uncomfortable talking about it. Further, Mee Mee decided to change this scenario. With an online and offline campaign, Mee Mee encouraged mothers to take a pledge to support the cause of breastfeeding and to help spread its awareness.

The campaign ran during World Breastfeeding Week 2017 ie. 1st-7th August. This 7day campaign reached over 5,00,000 people all over the world.

While almost all mothers breastfeed, many are still uncomfortable talking about it or seeking help if and when required. The purpose of the campaign was to help mothers establish a better comfort level in discussing the topic and also to educate mothers about the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child. Mee Mee felt the need to give Breastfeeding the importance it deserves. Right from spreading awareness to creating a comfortable environment for mothers to breastfeed without hesitation, we reached out to as many as we could by way of social media platforms and offline activations.

In conclusion, through the campaign #MomsMilkMatters, Mee Mee succeeded in reaching over 5,00,000 people. Over 1 million people viewed the video and 850+ people shared it. The pledge received over 900+ post shares, over 48,000 reactions and even got over 395000 people talking about it. The hashtag itself was mentioned over 4700 times. Mee Mee set up standees and posters outside every store across India indicating that the stores is a Breastfeeding Friendly zone. Further, the stores garnered a footfall of over 1500 people during the Breastfeeding Week. Expert Moms joined in on the campaign by sharing our video which helped increase the reach of the campaign. Facebook showed it’s support by featuring Mee Mee’s profile picture frame for breastfeeding week which was then incorporated on to personal profiles by mothers all over the world.
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