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Description: Conceptualized, led and executed Flipstakart – helping Flipkart create a new revenue model where users could own the products they heart on Instagram, through a nifty use of Instagram Direct.

Background/Context: Unlike Facebook, it isn’t easy to shop on Instagram. The objective was to turn Flipkart’s Instagram fan base to a shopper base.

Idea/Strategy: Flipstakart – where users could cart what they heart using Instagram’s Direct Message feature.

Execution: Anytime a user saw something they liked on their newsfeed, they could send it us and our response team would get back to them with the closest match available on Flipkart.

Results: Flipstakart has been receiving over 4000 inquiries per month. Flipkart’s site visits increased by 20%. Way higher than paid media’s average CTR of 0.3% 25% of the users were repeat customers
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