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Today we find ourselves in a house kept secret by the Himalayas that stand as towering guardians Welcome to Lungtserpa The last home in a village of only 7 homes You might believe they are lonely out there but they have friends who drop by to make sure everything is alright This is a glimpse into the relationship shared between the inhabitants of this faraway home and the dedicated folks at the Snow leopard Conservancy India Trust Ladakh br br Project We run an online magazine called UNTOLD within the organisation where we go looking for stories that haven t been told This was part of once such project which we did for the collective and not a brand br br www untold in br br Ideation We ve been going to Leh to volunteer with the Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust from the past 4 years and we ve constantly had conversations with them on how best to bring to light the amazing work the conservancy does for the wildlife of the region as well as the people that live there This thought was born through these many conversations we had with them br br Execution The execution was the most challenging because we were operating in temperatures in excess of -25 degrees We were against time as well as the HOME and the family we decided to document was one of the last houses in the region in the valley and we have a little over a day to document the same and return to Leh because of the testing conditions Hands would literally freeze as soon as we stepped out to shoot even in the day The night that we stayed there we had to cover ourselves with 7 Yak blankets literally to stay a little warm The drone remote and the batteries got spoilt in the temperatures and to charge them we only had an hour of electricity in the day br br But then it was all worth it when we had our 1st sighting of this beautiful mysterious cat as it walked down a ridge line some distance away from us It was stunning
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