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Spykar ad, SPYKAR HALF BAG, 2017


Spykar, one of India's popular denim brands, ha long ditched the plastic bags and embraced paper bags. Still they were using around 2 million shopping bags every year. Manufacturing of each bag required 1 full sheet of paper. This means, even after our shift from plastic to paper bags we couldn't save the environment as it was causing the massive cutting of trees.

In this case, solving the complete problem wasn't possible, so we tried solving it by half. We came up with "The Half Bag Project." We simply cut the bag in half by using an innovative design. This allowed us to make 4 bags with on e sheet of paper with no extra cost.

This simple yet effective idea helped Spykar reduce the no. of paper sheets it was using, to create the bags. These bags doubled up the impact by becoming posters & trendy brand merchandise.
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Manish Bhatt Creative Management
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