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Outlook magazine wanted to establish the fact that they are the most unbiased source. In modern times every news channel, magazine and news app is trying to influence the thoughts off a common man.

The country is broadly divided in 2 parts - Leftists and Rightists, and we conceptually based this spot on the battle between the two. For people to associate with the spot, we hose a Bengali man to essay the role of the Leftist and a Maharashtrian man for the Rightist.

We chose an innovative way to put forward this battle, something that hadn't been tried before for a radio spot in India. The voices were recorded in a way that the Leftist's voice could be head only in the left ear and the Rightist's in the right ear.

The campaign helped build brand awareness for Outlook and establish it as the most unbiased news source.
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Joybrato Dutta Copywriting / Scriptwriting
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Mangesh Mulajkar Account Management
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