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At Lykos, we believe in making lives easier. Buyers have access to index-linked prices for refined metals � aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, tin and zinc � that can be ordered and purchased securely online. With pricing optionality, we allow buyers to choose when and how they price a margin-based booking. They can fix the price on spot, bid, CSP or average CSP. The price can be fixed before or after taking delivery of material as per their business needs. Lykos is a platform that cuts through logistical hurdles and industry inconsistencies by digitizing the process to provide low cost solutions. Visit: Agency: Please See Production House: Final Call Productions Directed By: Patrick Graham Business Head: Preetika Chawla Production Head: Parthiva Nag Accounts: Aditya Desai Animation: Trip Creative Services Producer and Art Direction: Prateek A Sethi Storyboard and 3D Design: Arun Kishor Kurup Motion Graphics: Pratik Asolkar Production Assist: Vijay Ubale Project Accountant: Deepak Patil
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