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Ever since the inception of Indian Premier League in 2008 every kid in the country has been following it religiously. From the millions who aspire to master the game, there are a very few that make it big. How do you keep them motivated despite the drawbacks? In partnership with DAV Sports Academy, a group of cricket-aspiring kids were surprised with the match of their lives. These kids got to interact, play and learn from the best in the field of cricket for a day. With big, broad smiles on the face of every child who was a part of this activity and everyone sitting at home watching the video, we could shed some light on the fact that no dream is too big and no goal is unachievable. Kind words and a playful match gave these kids a huge motivational boost and each one is currently working on mastering their game. A small effort that lead to an ever-lasting imprint in the mind of these little ones! CREDITS - Chief Creative Officer: Deepak Singh Creative Team: Smriti Shadra, Vikash Kumar, Kailash Chandra Account Management: Sonia Lal Sharma Production House: Sage Films
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