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TEDx Gateway is one of the most inspiring events across the world and as a key partner of the event, ABG wanted to create something that helps the participants to think big and take individual steps to bring an impactful change in the world. With the messaging #BigOnIdeas, we used the hologram technology in a prism that reflected some of the biggest thoughts of the 21st century. #BigOnIdeas encouraged users to share their ideas with ABG who would further take one of the ideas ahead and implement it. The hologram was a simple yet effective way to help the attendees make their unique contribution to the world.

The attendees of the TEDx Gateway event were the TG for the activation. We wanted to reach out to them in an innovative yet simple way that wasn’t too intricate but rather intriguing. The objective was to encourage the attendees to think big and share ideas on how they could make a big impact on the world. The device was placed at the entrance of the auditorium and encouraged visitors to share their ideas on changing the world.

Innovations are often a huge investment in today’s scenario but the idea was conceptualized and executed with a budget of less than 5 lacs. The conception and execution of the idea was done within a span of just 48 hours. The main team was divided into two teams- Technology and Production which worked simultaneously and left no stone unturned in devising a strategic game plan that defied all the hurdles. We also converted the attendees to become our media vehicle and ambassadors to spread the word. They were given a special mobile friendly version as a mini hologram that they could carry back home and share with friends and family, thus encouraging the message to be spread.

The results were as follows: • Over 700 users shared their ideas with us • More than 4000+ conversations, 22 million Impressions, 4 Million Reach generated on social media • With earned media of over 2x on investment, the campaign was highly effective and generated great ROI • Mr. Florian Radke, Augmented Reality Futurist, loved the innovation and said, “I really liked how low tech has been used to create a high tech idea.” • The campaign won 5 Metals at Asia Pacific Customer Engagement Awards for ‘Best use of Innovation’ and ‘Best Use of Technology’ across different mediums such as Digital, Mobile, BTL, Events and Promotions
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