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When Spykar Lifestyles approached us to come up with an innovative campaign for them, we did something that offended most Indians and launched India's First Ever Blue Film Festival.

Why did we do it? Well becuase India gave birth to the art of sex and secretly India is obsessed with sex. Becasue oviously without sex, the population wouldn't have become 1.2 Billion. India is the world's 5th largest consumer of porn and also becuae in India porn films are called blue films.
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Irfan Khan of what value are those eyeballs? Did they have a good impression of the brand or are they always going to recall this slight whenever they see the brand?
21 Apr 2016 Reply
sanjay (Guest) basically tumne chutia banaya aur yahan par smart ban rahe ho gandu log
19 Apr 2016 Reply
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