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Nima D T NamchuCritic Review While it is a very relevant and precisely executed commercial and I loved the line "Haar boori zidd ka ilaaj hai ek achhi zidd", I am afraid this felt like one ...show more
30 Mar 2016 Reply
2 Replies
Ananda Deogharia Brilliant ...
12 Apr 2016
Mohammed Azharuddin Wow, Its an amazing and emotional ad.
08 Apr 2016
SUNIL GUPTACritic Review Who can fault the idea? Or the execution with superb casting and soundtrack texture? In fact, the "good zid" is exactly what India needs at this time. It is ...show more
29 Mar 2016 Reply
2 Replies
abhishek bhattacharjee (Guest) brilliant creative.....needed for the country to rise and give a thought
29 Mar 2016
Deepak Singh (Guest) Perfect..!!
29 Mar 2016
Ashutosh Agrawal (Guest) Excellent message in simple format.
31 Mar 2016 Reply
Aditya vyas (Guest) Very good
31 Mar 2016 Reply
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