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Nima D T NamchuCritic Review I love the thought and it's very easy for me to agree with the brand's point of view, having failed in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in my twelfth more
09 Mar 2016 Reply
Pranav Harihar sharmaCritic Review The commercial is very well made. First all good things about it. So, I like the idea of "marks Chhodiye aur seekhne par zor daaliye". The casting of the more
04 Mar 2016 Reply
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Sheldon W. Serrao Great insight, great film.
21 Apr 2016
Tanay Hattimare (Guest) It starts off well and suddenly finishes ... I know it's not a movie but just feels a little incomplete ... May be the punch "Marks Chhodiye aur seekhne par zor daaliye" came way too soon and there could have been a little more content before that leading to this punch ... Also, the end part (the conclusion or 'badam' n all ...) doesn't blend into the concept smoothly ... May be its the way the visual is shown (which is too bright or something ...)
05 Mar 2016
Shreekanth Moorthy (Guest) I completely disagree. It is a great message. Granted. But what the heck's this got to do with the product? The purpose of an ad is to ensure connectivity of the product to the message and ensure people immediately remember the product. No one will remember this product! So what if it's O&M that created this?
05 Mar 2016
DEEPIKA (Guest) wow great!!!
04 Mar 2016
Rupesh Karbate (Guest) Simply Awesome.....good work guys keep it up
04 Mar 2016
Jyotshna (Guest) Casting is super!
04 Mar 2016
Ninad Dhuri (Guest) I totally agree. We as a parents looks only after Numbers in this competitive world. But what child wants, we never understand. so " "marks Chhodiye aur seekhne par zor daaliye".
04 Mar 2016
Rajesh (Guest) tried and tested formula to spoil the young generation
04 Mar 2016
Nirmalya Dattaray (Guest) Story line is nice, but the product fit with the story is not gelling at all. there is just no connection.
04 Mar 2016
Vignesh (Guest) Awesome
04 Mar 2016
Sheldon W. Serrao Great film. I think the brand integration is made through the line "Aisi hi ek nayi soch ke saath bana haiâ¦" Let's all complement this more
05 Jun 2016 Reply
Prabuddha Banerjee (Guest) The connect between the story and the product branding is forced. However, excellent execution and casting.
06 Mar 2016 Reply
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