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SUNIL GUPTACritic Review A wonderful idea (though not new), especially in MCP India. Length as usual a bit overdone, (though tone, style and the real-life feel is to be applauded), more
24 Feb 2016 Reply
3 Replies
Priyanka Parashar Lovely emotional a subtle manner described the reality and what has to be changed....
08 Mar 2016
Thondup Tsering Sherpa ( a.k.a Drukta) the allusion to the play acting as children and the accepted role of the dominant male was very well put across .. the undercurrent meaning being that it was an MCP thing that we acquired and should now consciously get rid of .. all said and done .. a beautiful ad and should have scored well
06 Mar 2016
PRATIK SOLANKI I loved it...
25 Feb 2016
Indrajit NattojiCritic Review Lovely thought and great execution. The brand and product concludes the story as a fitting epilogue. Only thing disconcerting was the fact that the father more
22 Feb 2016 Reply
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Shonnit Gupta I feel really sorry...
25 Feb 2016
AshokDarling (Guest) Thanks ever to that brilliant man who concieved this larger than life idea for this
18 Apr 2016 Reply
priya (Guest) Beautiful,never too late,we should teach our kids....
22 Feb 2016 Reply
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