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The task at hand was to reiterate the revamped brand identity and the message that the brand is all about smiles and at the same time, create an experience that helps people live what the brand stands for, and thereby increase affinity for the brand.

Our interpretation of the brief was simple – we had to make people beam the brightest smile. And to do so we decided to do something that would get people to let go of their inhibitions – a gigantic slide that we slid down in the parks as kids! We placed that slide where people would otherwise take the stairs. The location chosen was the Trinity Circle Metro Station, MG Road, Bangalore. The commuters were directed to the slide when they alighted from the train with a direction board which said, “Take the left exit for smiles”. People initially hesitated and then came sliding down in huge numbers, almost as though they were queuing up for the fun. Most had not taken a slide since their childhood days. When they landed, our brand representatives helped them and offered them a pack of Good Day cookies – wishing them a good day. What we saw and got the commuters to experience was laughter and loads of smiles - which was the sole objective of this exercise.

This one-of-its-kind idea brought to life the brand proposition and brought smiles on people’s faces. The activity yielded an engaging video we then used across the digital platforms to reach out to the people online across YouTube and Facebook.
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