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Ambi ParameswaranCritic Review Biba ad starts rather innocuously showing a nervous girl getting ready to do the boy visits girl thingie. The viewer is left to wonder whether this is going to more
30 Dec 2015 Reply
babu (Guest) Does father is expecting the son-in-law to cook also, then what she will do? Only accompanying on bed?
27 Jan 2016 Reply
Kapil (Guest) Marriage is more than just earnings, house, cooking, having kids ... its about love and trust and a deeper respect for each other irrespective of the more
07 Jan 2016 Reply
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Tanvi Rastogi Mr. Kapil food is a basic human need, it's a genderless need of any individual. So it is both the gender's duty to be able to fulfil their basic requirements and not being dependent on a woman. SO no matter whether you are a man or a woman, irrespective of your gender you must know how to cook. Now let's talk about your saree thing, you do not make any sense to me when you talk about saree... Does anyone asks his/her girl how to drape a lungi? But mind you, people absolutely expect a girl to know how to knot a Tie, may i ask why??
03 Dec 2017
Amit (Guest) Good concept. Now, Do I need to learn cooking?
05 Jan 2016 Reply
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