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Ambi ParameswaranCritic Review Brands are embracing long format storytelling with a vengeance and this trend is not just restricted to big budget mega brands but even smaller brands. The late...show more
23 Dec 2015 Reply
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Maanoj M Choudhari Something Dil Se!
24 Dec 2015
Ravikant Banka (Ravi Banka) Dear Ambi, Many thanks for the brilliant review. I agree with you totally. With this film, Cello has taken a big leap. I am thankful to them for having trusted in Eggfirst and having given us this opportunity. Now, the film can be leveraged quite some to catapult the brand into the league where it rightfully belongs.
23 Dec 2015
Sukhpreet Singh gud one
04 Dec 2016 Reply
SAGAR SAINI SURYAVANSHI this film is very best
03 Aug 2016 Reply
Jishnu Vediyoor Beautiful film, but i think it was a bit too long.
10 May 2016 Reply
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