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Pranav Harihar sharmaCritic Review Its a moving film. It makes you think. Though its a little over in terms of generalising all the boy breed as bad but that's the reality! The bad deed of one wi...show more
22 Dec 2015 Reply
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Zoya Dcosta fabulous ad...the message says it all ...
12 Feb 2016
Arun Kaiprampadan humble but moving and thought provoking
02 Feb 2016
Pooja Kamboj amazing !!!
01 Jan 2016
Manisha Singh Loved it. It will get only two kinds of reaction. Denial from men and thumbs up from women.
29 Jun 2017 Reply
Rajesh Ghosh Hat off to the maker.
27 Jun 2016 Reply
Saurabh Dawar Good and sad at the same time. really touching
10 May 2016 Reply
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