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<![CDATA[ Brandikaran Creatives () ]]> Brandikaran is about Brand Creation, Management, Makeover, Creative Design & Web Design Company. ]]> 07 AM0000001 2018
<![CDATA[ Morris Garage (Automobile) ]]> MG began in 1924 in the UK. In the years that followed, MG's stunning cars were the ride of choice for many celebrities, including British Prime Ministers and several members of the royal family. MG also has a long and storied history as an iconic British racing brand, having dominated championships the world over. Since then, MG has continued to be a style icon through the years. ]]> 07 AM0000001 2018
<![CDATA[ Champion Yachts (Services) ]]> Champion Yachts is a premium yacht charter company, founded by Subhakar Rao in 2003. They are present to you Dubaiâs most exotic and unique yacht services. ]]> 06 AM0000001 2018
<![CDATA[ Berserk (Services) ]]> Berserk is totally a Made-In-India kind of label and they try and give their customers their dose of fun and quirk in their sorta opinionated, sorta voguish variety of products. ]]> 06 AM0000001 2018
<![CDATA[ DigiVation Digital Solutions () ]]> DigiVation combines strong understanding of business and user considerations in creating innovative, digitally led, consumer solutions. ]]> 06 AM0000001 2018
<![CDATA[ Ambuja Neotia (Services) ]]> Ambuja Neotia is one of the most prominent and respected corporate houses headquartered in Kolkata with its forte in real estate and recent forays into hospitality, healthcare and education. ]]> 06 AM0000001 2018
<![CDATA[ Proof Mountain Media () ]]> Proof Mountain Media producing premium engaging Content for Campaign, Web-Series, Short-Films, Documentary, Feature Films, Post-Production, VFX, Animation. ]]> 06 AM0000001 2018
<![CDATA[ The Geeks Lab () ]]> The Geeks'â Lab is a user experience (ux) design and research consultancy that was founded in early 2013 and since then has worked to create intuitive and aesthetically pleasing products. ]]> 06 AM0000001 2018
<![CDATA[ Majja (Services) ]]> Majja is for young students, office goers, anyone whoâs on the road and wants to get a quick bite of a burst of authentic Indian flavours. Today the brand sells authentic Mumbai Style Vada Pav, Idli, Missal Pav, Vada Ussal and Rajwaadi Chaas amongst more street food snacks. ]]> 06 AM0000001 2018
<![CDATA[ Fresh Food Concepts (Food & Beverages) ]]> Fresh Food Concepts started in 2014 with a mission to spread some goodness. ]]> 06 AM0000001 2018