To Those Who Won't Stubbornly Advertise

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Patience is the fine art of brand building. Once you have converted your company and your products into brands, then life is pink.

No Advertising Affects Business Adversely

I had to write this. I met this millionaire CEO who scoffed at advertising, because he said manufacturing companies like his are happier without having to hire agencies.

Well. Maybe. Maybe not.

I am sure most of the senior leaders in the manufacturing industry don’t need my advice. Yet in my experience I have met more than a few who’d rather not look at advertising.

Of course, the balance sheet and the bottom line are excellent things to take care of. But in the long run, by not investing in communication, by not being visible to your immediate B2B clients, consumers, investors, shareholders, and the society as a whole, you’d soon be reminded of the penny wise and pound-foolish adage.

Just that when you eventually feel like an unknown success story, it might be too late, or it might take fortunes to get you back on track.

Corporate short sightedness isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s a pretty prevalent disorder with quite a large number of companies.

Today, with so many multiple media options, from cheap to expensive, from old media to new media, you could choose any budget, define your target audience, and ensure that your company always remains on the radar.

More than that, with technology assisting media reach, and with so many more people being influenced by the impact of advertising, it’s critical that you create your marquee.

The implications of your competition grabbing that opportunity and leaving you far behind is no longer a mere possibility.

It’s the reality and a painful fact of life.

I am sure you know of many companies, who ideally should have been on the top of the industry, floundering at the bottom end of the ladder.

The reasons are multiple, yet a whole lot of companies would rather invest in more tangible areas than pouring money into intangible efforts that don’t accrue into immediate benefits.

Patience is the fine art of brand building. Once you have converted your company and your products into brands, then life is pink.

Much as you know, the advantages of having or owning a brand far outstrips anything else you could ask for. And without having focused efforts to build brands, you will remain faceless and valueless.

All the hard work and investments you have put in to make your company and produce technologically superior, will not bring much return. Because who knows about you, what you have done and what you manufacture?

You will end up as a white elephant. And that’s something that will hurt. Financially, and otherwise.

Personally speaking, no matter what you manufacture, where you are located, or how little competition you have, I’d urge you to consider advertising and its effects.

The moment you advertise, you automatically gain respect. Being seen in print or television suddenly adds credibility to your company.

You are stepping out of the darkness and opening a radiant dialogue with your audience. This even if you don’t have a direct audience. I am sure you must be making something that you eventually sell to some company.

This will in turn help you to sell at a premium, gain more dealers, distributors, clients, and even get to hire better professionals.

You will also build pride. Your employees would rather work for a known company than an unknown entity. Their pride will permeate and soon you would be creating an environment where people stay and love to work for you.

You can overtake your competition at a fraction of the cost you would have otherwise incurred to overhaul your manufacturing process with imported cutting edge technology.

Your shareholders will see you as genuine investment, your investors would see merit in looking at you and reinvesting with you, your valuation will go up, and domestic associations and global collaborations will become easier.

And as and when your company begins to be seen by various audiences, everything becomes positive.

Then again so what if your company makes things that are not sold in the supermarket, or you manufacture for OEM clients.

I am sure you make something that finds its way into something that mankind consumes or uses or becomes a cog in the wheel of life.

Therefore what stops you from telling people that your industrial grade milk powder helps make the finest ice creams, or your reinforced spindles help people wear the most fashionable clothes, or your bulk chemicals help people wake up brighter?

What again stops you from bringing out an annual report that showcases the faces of ordinary people whom your products could have benefited, or focusing on your niche clients and partners and celebrate their birthdays on your website?

Or why not put your foot out and engage in a participatory social charity cause across the top ten cities in India?

If you look closer at what I have suggested, some of these ideas do not even need you to spend lots of money. Some of them could be just driven by the direct mail, or through your existing website, or through clever word of mouth. And I am sure you can come up with far more relevant ideas than I can.

And then, just in case it missed you completely, there’s this animal called social media. And it’s growling and snarling in millions of smart phones across the country. Even yours.

It’s all about realizing and understanding the need to be familiar to others within your industry, your business, and your extended audiences as a whole.

The moment you start doing any of these things, you would immediately start looking warmer and sending out an image of concern and responsibility.

You would be on your way to becoming a company that connects with people. And a company that slowly shifts its residence from the heads to the hearts of people.

Of course this will not happen in a day. It will take time, it will take consistency and it will take sincerity.

But rest assured once this starts to differentiate your company from the others in your industry, you would’ve started to build a brand, or to strengthen your brand.

Brands aren’t built with cold financial logic. They are products that live in the hearts of people, constantly reinforced with fuzzy emotions and feelings.

Once your company makes its way into people’s hearts, your value would take on an emotional currency that can empower you to achieve more, and even insulate your company from almost everything.

The advantages of communication is a zillion miles ahead of every other reason you might have to keep your company hidden.

Please take the step and let the world know and the other industries know about what makes you a special company and a wonderful one at that. In all my years in advertising, I haven’t seen this direction leading companies to anything that’s not fulfilling and enriching.

However, if you have heard of a company that does not advertise and yet its profits are soaring every year, do let me know. I’d like to tell them how they can with very little money, double or triple their profits.

This article has been previously posted on Marketing Buzzar.

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