Spoilt For Choice

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What if we can have a service where a person buys credit for X sum and he can access premium content across the platforms. Just on one subscription.

video streaming spoilt for choice

Streaming is screaming and how. As the bandwidth improves around the world, consuming content from streaming portals is multiplying exponentially. We have a plethora of them for videos (Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Hulu, Roku, Hotstar, Voot, Sony Liv, Hooq, Eros Now, Hungama etc.) and many for audio. What is surprising is that users are paying for these services. The ease of accessing content is one of the biggest factor for the popularity of these portals. While one can download these videos from Torrents, i guess people are just fed up of scavenging. The cost is also a big positive catalyst. Netflix is asking for Rs. 850 per month (HD, @ screens) for a big International library while Eros Now is happy with just Rs 100 per month, Hungama will take 249 per month or 150 if you pay for a year, Hooq is also 249. Some of the content is given free as a tasting bait.

So what will happen in the world of potential subscribers . Some of the content is common on the services since they have acquired non-exclusive licensing deals. This makes a subscriber's choice difficult. Lots of these portals are into original content creation, like 'Game of Thrones' from HBO and 'House of Cards' from Netflix and 'Transparent' on Amazon. The challenge is going to be how, as a subscriber, i can get the best content from across streaming services without buying subscription everywhere. Here we are presuming that the good subscriber will not resort to the hybrid model of buying one subscription and taking the rest from Torrents.

There is great case for creating a hub of these portals and give single window access to subscribers.  One service, Wynk Movies (the Airtel streaming video app) is somewhere in this zone. They have aggregated content from four streaming services and are selling individual subscription. So essentially the app is just promoting and selling subscriptions.

What if we can have a service where a person buys credit for X sum and he can access premium content across the platforms. Just on one subscription. Obviously this subscription will be lower than the sum total of buying all subscriptions. The subscriber will have unlimited access to free content and limited access to premium. For instance he could get 30 hours of premium content across portals. Wouldn't that be wonderful!  As the subscriber views premium content he expends the hours from his 30 hour kitty. Now if he is viewing a premium content of a portal but does not fancy it, he can simply shift to another portal. All he has spent is that many hours. Unlike when he buys subscription and is stuck with it for at least a month. Leave alone the hassle of managing multiple accounts.

Advantage Subscriber: Pay one guy, get all premium, Surf across streams, Chill.

Advantage Portals: Get revenue from subscriber of rival portal, Premium content sampling, Hope to convert subscriber to buy individual subscription or consume more premium content on their portal.

The challenge is of coming up with the algorithm for managing this service. But this is an idea whose time has come.

This is the vision for the next big thing in the streaming video industry.

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