The Certainty Of Uncertainty

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As long as we know the sun is going to rise in the East and set in the West, you’d find us at office. Doing work. Having fun. And laughing loud. Yes, we better laugh. Because we'd never know if tomorrow will bite.


That is true. The fact that you can take nothing for granted is what keeps us on our feet. And keeps us in business.

It has always been like that, ever since the bottom-line of this business became money, and not the science and art that it was and continues to be.

But then, our focus on uncertainty isn’t a new thinking. It’s been the core of this business. For all to see, and get inspired by it.

Across ages, across cultures, and across every living thing on earth, the expectation of the unexpected has always been the rule.

The fact that a hungry bigger fish would snack on a smaller fish. Or a maniacal car might catapult out of a hidden curve. Or a happy client will sack us tomorrow morning.

Uncertainty isn’t a surprise to us. It’s the very breath of life.

Think of it. Who knows what will happen in the next moment? Who can predict what’s in store for tomorrow? No one.

Did the dinosaurs know that meteors would rain down on them? Did JFK know there was a bullet waiting in the corner? Do you know if your arteries are going to behave when you sleep tonight?

Our world is unpredictable. The very beauty of our existence is that nothing is in our control. We are permanent citizens on a tightrope.

Life is uncertain. And as human beings we have built uncertainty into our lives. We build redundancy for our lack of surety into our rigmarole.

Our unsaid and invisible apprehension has become a genetic reflex. And a survival instinct.

And therefore, the way I see it, every business and every business leader will have already planned and prepared for uncertainty.

Caution ought to be as integral as optimism.

So while we are certain that chaos will crawl out of the woodwork, here’s what we can be certain about, and where our advertising will draw its inspiration from.

There will be fathers, mothers, babies, and pets. There will be love, there will be hate, there will be food, drink, and laughter.

Seniors will marry juniors. There will be honeymoons. There will be secret affairs. There will be divorces. There will be tears.

There will be EMIs. There will be investments. There will be birthday parties. Promotion parties. Farewells. Higher education. Vacations. Cruises. Festivals. Blah. Blah.

The fact is that life will play out this story. Boringly. Much like it has always played. On phones. On TVs. On Facebook. On Twitter. And on the next platform.

But yes, the device will change. The input will change. The apps will change. The price tag will change.

The colour of the hair will change. The kind of car will change. The clothes will change. The shoes will change. The music will change. And everything around us will change.

All those will change. All those have always changed. In times of plenty. In times of famine. In times of battle. In times of great prosperity.

But the basic fundamentals of what makes us human beings will never waver.

It’s been the same story, same values, same fears, and same tears, since day one.

Social networking and the rest of the new chatter certainly are new media and places of interaction, involvement, engagement and participation.

But nothing is new, nothing is alien territory.

They don’t speak strange tongues, and they aren’t wired any different from you and me. Besides, all of them are also a billion dog years from marrying cats. Or breathing through armpits. Or waiting for edible furniture.

We believe the heart of this business will always pump with the blood of ideas and inventive thinking.

We aren’t scared of new words, jargon, technology, platforms, and code, and all the other things that have crept into the science of advertising.

There is a purity in our business and in our thinking. An art that no machine or programme can emulate or imitate.

As long as we know the sun is going to rise in the East and set in the West, you’d find us at office. Doing work. Having fun. And laughing loud.

Yes, we better laugh. Because we'd never know if tomorrow will bite.

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