Content Marketing Trends from 2015 That Are Trending In 2016

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New content creation and publication, helped by no small measure by blogging sites was at an all-time high in 2015.

Content Marketing Trends from 2015 that are trending in 2016

With a lot of articles of a predictive nature about trends and forecasts within this space out there on the internet, perhaps one can take a look back and use that as a compass of sorts to get an idea as to what it portends for this year.

In terms of sheer volume, new content creation and publication, helped by no small measure by blogging sites was at an all-time high in 2015. This created its own problems – to ensure it’s actually being read and assimilated.

Think of it this way…  Someone born in 1900 would have access to as much information and content in their entire lifetimes as we access and consume in 1, single year today!!!

The TIME factor:

e-mails as a marketing strategy actually saw a decline (overall) in 2015.  The filtering tools got better at dealing with spams.  Companies actually came to terms with the fact that email bombardment was actually causing brand negativity.
Enter time windows…Apps that actually identified windows of time in a day when the consumer was likely to actually read the content being pushed out.  APPBOY like apps are going to become more popular and will be used as tactical tools by content marketing companies to reach out to customers meaningfully.  Timeliness and not volume will be a trend change in 2016.


The tactics of yesterday wherein sellers would check if the same IP address was looking at the same product or buying more tickets and adjust prices accordingly, underwent a sea change.  To make the customer-product/service relationship more sticky, algorithms started adapting and changing to the customer’s habits, preferences, buying patterns, styles and got on-board human hands which then used the outputs of these algorithms to deliver a more personalized product. GAP and URBAN OUTFITTERS led this move and in 2016, this is going to pick up pace and volume, thereby leading to a more demanding and knowledgeable customer but also a happier and stickier customer-product relationship.

The SOCIAL MEDIA factor:

One of the key trend changes was the LinkedIn (most surprisingly), twitter and Instagram became legitimate gateways to acquire customers and companies started pushing out content across these platforms and incentivizing the  stickier and more loyal customers to sync and push it across multiple platforms. The big realization of 2015 was the content marketing and social media are inseparable. So, in 2015 companies actually came up with content designed and tailored specifically for social media. In 2016, the big 4 ie. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram will see a huge spurt in tailored content creation and postings.

2016 will continue to see a concerted push to (a) build creative, tailored content to build cozy and sticky relationships with customers.  More buyers will hang out and make their purchasing decisions and talk about it on social media platforms.  E-mails and smses as content marketing tools will see a significant decline.  More logarithms and analytics tools will come into the marketplace to help companies build personalized responses.

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Reeti Bhist (Guest) There is a good chance that social media will only see rise from here on out. It is a very strong platform and gives you more exposure than any other medium.
16 Mar 2016 Reply
Daljeet Kaur (Guest) I'm not surprised at the decline in e-mail marketing. With so many emails coming in from various companies, all those emails are bound to go into spam.
16 Mar 2016 Reply