Subhash Maskara
Getty Images Guru Mantra - Shortlist
Filmmaker - Director of Photography
Delhi NCR
Crew Services, Film Production, Photography

I started my journey in Indian Film industry in the year of 2012 soon after completing my graduation in Business Economics. I started as an intern in an Ad production house and since then have got numerous opportunities to learn more about film making and work on some excellent projects. At the start of my career I had been fortunate enough to work and explore various departments within filmmaking including assisting directors and the production designers however cinematography has always been what I truly enjoyed and wanted to pursue as a career. What I like about cinematography is the beautiful play of lights and the visual narration of a story through it. From 2012 till 2015 I had worked in short films as director of photography (DOP) such as Children of Conflict, Afterlife and Uncle Aunty, to name a few. I completed my first feature film, Umrika (Directed by Prashant Nair, 98 min), as a set dresser. Umrika ended up winning many prestigious awards internationally including an award at Sundance film festival, 2015. I got my first major break as a DOP in 2015 in an independent feature film called Shreelancer. While filming Shreelancer I became more comfortable with latest camera techniques, framing, lights and the experience and exposure of working independently behind the camera. I am interested in narrative story telling with a profound message and with Shreelancer I could work on the same. This movie was shot on “Sony A7S ii with CP2 lenses” and we travelled across the country to find some beautiful locations to shoot it. The movie has been nominated for best screenplay award in the “New York Indian Film festival” 2017.

Shreelancer (Feature Film, 2017)
LENRO TV commercial (Brand Film, 2016)
HP Corporate
HP Ink tank printer x RK Cards (Digital / Viral Films, 2017)
That friend who loves beer too much! (Brand Film, 2017)
Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
Munni Ki Muthi Kyon Band Hai? (Short Film / Web Short Film, 2016)
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