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It was March 2005. I met Shubha for the first time at a café on Hill Road, Bandra West. She was focused on the task at hand – that of getting to know me better. I hadn’t heard of her in Mumbai (she had spent the first decade of her career in Bangalore) and I wasn’t sure why on earth I should be meeting her to join a firm that was starting its journey in an already cluttered media agency market place. Shubha knew what she was setting up (MEC India, then known as Mediaedge:cia) and what lay ahead. I liked her confidence and the simple belief that whatever she had imagined would surely happen.

Together we built an incredible team at MEC between 2005 and 2008, winning almost all business we aimed at. As the captain of the ship, she set the pace and direction.

Read so much about the work-life balance issues working women tackle. Shubha never gave the impression she was balancing anything. The hectic pace of new business pitches those days came as naturally to her as the month long vacation she took in July every year or working from home during her daughter’s exams.

True leadership is about building a culture that builds the organization from the roots. Without being prescriptive about it, Shubha helped build the foundations of a great organization that would weather changes in its fortune, team or leadership. Those who loved the transparent, apolitical, no hype-all substance culture at MEC naturally gravitated towards it and stayed on.

Shubha proved to us you don’t need to attend media parties, work late nights/weekends, dine clients to succeed in advertising/media. By ensuring the basics and building a reliable, competent, trustworthy team; you could win! Those days, we weren’t known much within the fraternity – with time, she’s changed that. MEC represents itself much more at industry forums/awards now.

When WPP wanted a team lead for their full scale experiment in IMCP, Shubha once again took the challenge of leading Red Fuse – a full service agency for Colgate-Palmolive within WPP. With Asia leadership of Red Fuse under her belt, she has once again proved her style works!

In our business there have been rainmakers who made their business worthwhile to the network and there have been rainmakers who helped build huge brands. Shubha is among those leaders who is gifted to have both - built brands and built organizations that build brands. As we struggle to keep the industry profitable and above scrutiny, we need rainmakers like her help build sustainable and credible organizations for the future. 

Managing Director
Mediant Communications Pvt Ltd
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Rishabh Rastogi An interesting read. Would be interesting to meet & learn from her. I see a lot of similarities in my & her personality.
25 Oct 2016 Reply


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