Bobby Pawar

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Bobby Pawar
The Master Wordsmith

Bobby Pawar is probably the most loved creative person in this country, and that stems from him being such a genial, likable and unpretentious character.

He’s always been a dream boss to his creative brethren that work under his stewardship, because he is always there to encourage, chastise and motivate them, all at the same time, with the choicest of expletives all thrown in for good measure coupled with his trademark banter.

That’s Bobby! Affable, Honest, Witty, and unquestionably the master of the written word. In my view clearly the best copywriter in the business.

I knew Bobby in the era when long copy was a regular feature in quite a number of print ads, and even back then, in the late 90’s he clearly showed that he was extremely talented. It was no surprise when he became a two-time Copywriter of the Year in 1998, and again in 2000 and set the cat amongst the pigeons at Ogilvy & Mather.

I had the good fortune of working again with Bobby Pawar in DDB Mudra from 2008 to 2011 where we became really good friends and partners in the creative resurgence that DDB Mudra witnessed.  Bobby built a fabulously motivated team that delivered the most stupendous results.

DDB Mudra rocketed to Indian Agency of the Year twice at Cannes…Independent Agency of the Year at Spikes…and even knocked Ogilvy off its perch at Goafest in 2010.

Bobby’s greatest strength is that inane ability to hire really good talent and then keep them motivated and then driving them to his high exacting standards that he sets for himself and for his team. He grooms. He cajoles. He mentors and coaches. That’s why his team always loves him unequivocally, and stands by him through thick and thin.

Bobby is never one to take the spotlight, and would always be his happiest self, if the ‘boys’ took all the credit or raced onto the stage to pick up all the awards while he would smoke his cigar and smile, knowing that his boys had delivered.

People in the business most often think of Bobby Pawar as a Creative person, but I can tell you that’s not the whole truth. Off course he’s a wonderfully talented creative guy, but he’s also, the best strategic mind that I have worked with and can easily be the Chief Strategy Officer of any agency in the business if he ever chooses to.

I vividly remember once when I took Bobby along with me to a major media pitch in Delhi, and when he was halfway through the media strategy deck, the client nudged me and asked ‘’Has Bobby joined the Media department?’’ That’s how good he was !

Lastly for those who don’t know…..he’s a man of fine taste as well. Good wines, good cigars, good watches and of course fine writing instruments. He probably has his best orgasms when he sees an old Panerai or an antique Patek Phillipe. Gift him an old Leboeuf to clip in his shirt pocket and that’s when you see the child in him.

Bobby… Remember the proverb ‘The pen is mightier than the sword?’
I know you didn’t write it, but it sure reads right!

Chairman & Managing Director
The Social Street
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Sandeep Vij salaam bobby! salaam pratap! a really nice piece! Pratap you had an advantage that your subject is such a terrific guy-:)
18 Oct 2016 Reply
Carlton D'Silva The whole truth in this article ... Well written Pratap ... I second everything ...
18 Oct 2016 Reply


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