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Dheeraj Sinha
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Among various members of a CMO’s team and support system, the strategic planner has a special and irreplaceable role.  He/she brings in the detached, big picture thinking, which can get the short shrift within one’s own team thanks to the operating business treadmill and being too close to the issues at hand.

Though I have worked with several planners in my career, as part of the Max Bupa agency team, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dheeraj at Bates India. It was a challenging time – we were giving birth to Max Bupa as a brand in a cluttered health insurance environment. What we needed to bring was a disruptive value proposition.  

That’s when Dheeraj stepped in. It was he who brought in a rare and wonderful combination of making the complex, well, simple. He could sift through a web of information to bring out the golden nuggets of customer insight and deliver the crux of it in an original, relaxed and unassuming way. His work helped us cement our launch strategy in India, strongly linking our business strategy to our brand’s real ‘purpose’ – the health of one’s family members – close to the heart of customers.

Even today, when I am looking at someone to give our visitors at Brand Learning (a global marketing capability consultancy I work with), the big picture on the Indian consumer and state of marketing, Dheeraj is on my top five to reach out to.

I am delighted to know, Dheeraj is part of Kulzy’s elite list of ‘Rainmakers’ – a title well-deserved. 


Marketing Capability Consultant
Brand Learning
Comments (7)
Sonal Saha Absolutely agreed. Mr. Sinha is one of the men I have been reading about and I have always agreed to his points of view. :)
06 Nov 2016 Reply
Ashish Mohan nice
16 Dec 2015 Reply
Samarth Malik (Guest) Great to read about another inspiring rainmaker. :)
10 Aug 2015 Reply
Diksha Desai (Guest) He is truly 'the' strategic planner!
08 Aug 2015 Reply
Priyanka Chauhan Always look forward to these rainmaker posts. another great one indeed :)
07 Aug 2015 Reply
Tia Sain (Guest) His knowledge is vast and
07 Aug 2015 Reply
Mona Sinha (Guest) It indeed is truly commendable the way he turns the complex into the simple. 
07 Aug 2015 Reply


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