Emmanuel Upputuru

By Apurva Chamaria
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Emmanuel Upputuru
Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

When I first met Emmanuel, I could sense a rather strange sense of tranquility around him. Very unlike what I’d observed in other advertising professionals. Here he was – pitching his idea to the marketing leadership of a 7 billion dollar global enterprise, standing there with a smile on his face as if he’s talking to a regular group of friends. He started by pulling up a picture on the white screen and asked everyone to just focus on it and listen to his words. What happened over the next 5 minutes defined our Brand in the most lucid yet powerful manner possible. When I asked Emmanuel how he captured the essence of our brand so beautifully – his reply stayed with me for a long time. “I read the book” he said referring to our Former CEO’s opus on HCL’s transformational journey. As I recollect, none of the other agencies pitching for our business had done the same.

While it takes courage to break away from an immensely successful advertising career and venture onto creating something of your own, I think the secret of Emmanuel’s creativity lies in his honesty and simplicity. I can easily quote our success metrics with path breaking campaigns winning more than 100 Global awards over the last 3 years, but if anyone was to ask my biggest learning of working with Emmanuel – it would be ‘how to think simple in a world full of pattering complexities’.

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VP & Head of Corporate Marketing
HCL Technologies
Comments (3)
Chhavi Gureja Meeting creative honchos who are full of themselves is a usual sight. Refreshing to find people who are humble and simple. Good going
01 Jul 2016 Reply
Swapnil Morris Nice Read :)
30 Jun 2016 Reply
Emmanuel Upputuru Let me be the first person to comment here with a thank you, Apurva. Thank you for entrusting ITSA with the complex 7 billion dollar global enterprise brand. I must also admit that all these awards would have not happened without your support and constant push by raising the bar all the time. We have a long way to go before we can say, "we did it". Thank you, Apurva. You are not just a customer, you are ITSA well-wisher now.
29 Jun 2016 Reply


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