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priti j nair
The Idea Marshal

When I knew Priti Nair, 22 years ago she was a quite girl sitting at one corner doing her own thing at erstwhile Chaitra Leo Burnett. As I discovered a stellar piece work she shared with Chax (KS Chakravarthy NCD of CLB then) it took me by surprise, this was for Sanora Floor Tiles, an elephant doing aerobics to demonstrate the strength of the tiles. Since then, she not only came up with great ideas but championed them too, and then she went on to becoming one of the finest creative directors both at Leo Burnett and Lowe Lintas.

She is the most confident creative person I have ever met and quite up front with clients at selling her ideas, her loyalties are only for ideas. At lowe she donned the role of an Idea Marshal, marshaling troops to champion ideas be it Clinic Plus, Balbir Pasha, Greenply, Havells, Surf or Camlin. Ideas just flourished with her presence, keen observation fueled by social/cultural understanding, her work resonated with masses.

To illustrate one; when we were working on AIDS awareness campaign aimed at truckers, both Balki and I after a brainstorm gave up, concluding nothing can be done to make truckers see any sense in using condoms. But Priti and team did not give up and the next morning they came back to us to share an insight into a trucker’s life: ‘Truckers believe AIDS will not happen to them because they visit the regular prostitutes but it can happen to others” this brilliant observation led her to a potent insight “people are always are interested in other’s stories” thus fictitious character called Balbir Pasha was born.

I really admire her never-give-up attitude and passion to champion great ideas like Surf or Greenply. I secretly wish I could marshal my troops and ideas as well as her. 


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Sumit Roy India is richer for having someone as brilliant as Priti Nair. We haven't seen the best of her work yet.
01 May 2016 Reply
Samir Tewari (Guest) Worked with Priti a year ago, and it was wonderful. She pushes and inspires you to be your best and her passion for ideas, keen sense of observation and clarity of thought simplify the entire creative process. Lastly, she is a down to earth, unpretentious, warm and caring human being.  Feel bad for not having worked with her for so many years of my life. 
29 Apr 2016 Reply
priti j nair (Guest) thank you so much. First big thanks to pops for saying something this wonderful.....and thank you each one of you who actually have taken the time to make me feel so good and on top of the world. Thank you shobhan, unmesh, asha ,depanvita,priyanka,anusha,alaknanda and mansa. God bless you and truly it means a lot. I have copied each and every comment and put them in a folder called my happy folder :-) . 
27 Apr 2016 Reply
Shobhan (Guest) Before meeting her, i thought she might be one of those creative doyens who are full of attitude and trantrums. Well i was pleasantly surprised on discovering that she is a sweet, simple, humble & down to earth person. Maybe that's what makes her what she is today.
26 Apr 2016 Reply
Unmesh Saraph (Guest) Yeah so true , Priti is so enthu n electrifying woman with full of positive energy n awesome creative ideas,  Glad to hear such wonderful words from another great person like Pops, , thanks n cheers 
26 Apr 2016 Reply
asha kadam (Guest) Hats of to creative genius like her
26 Apr 2016 Reply
Depanvita Neogi (Guest) Priti's never give up attitude has gotten her a long way in life. 
26 Apr 2016 Reply
Priyanka Kathuri (Guest) Priti has an innate understanding of the society and the people. This is one of the reasons why she is such a good creative person. 
26 Apr 2016 Reply
Anusha Shekharan (Guest) The Sanora Floor Tiles ad was one of the best, witty ads I've seen. Priti did a great job with it. 
26 Apr 2016 Reply
Alaknanda Modi (Guest) Priti Nair is full of ideas and creativity. 
26 Apr 2016 Reply
Mansa Shergill (Guest) Priti J Nair is a creative genius. I have seen her work by Curry Nation and they are absolutely brilliant. 
26 Apr 2016 Reply


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