Umesh Shrikhande

By Rohit Srivastava
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Umesh Shrikhande
The Philosopher King

The wise one, the mature, the deep thinking, a man of true integrity, the simple and unassuming, the charming and the affable, the innocent yet perceptive, the keen explorer, the nurturing professor, the innate philosopher, the true friend, the inspiring counsellor, the creative mind in a suit role, the honest sounding board, the protector of ethics and morals, the one with an innocent yet impish sense of humour – if I had to sum up all of this in just two words, I would say Umesh Shrikhande!!

I don’t think there is, or ever can be, a man like him in Indian Advertising. He will of course laugh this all off, as being all of this and yet, wearing it very lightly, is part of his essential character! Many generations of advertising folks have been enlightened and inspired by him, not just as advertising people but even more importantly, as human beings. Which is why, I truly believe, that he makes not just the advertising industry, but the world a better place.

It’s been a pleasure and an honour to know him so closely; and my sincere advice to all would be, to find a way of spending some time with him. His friendly nature will make it easy; his charming demeanour and ready wit will make it engaging and fun; and his depth and perspective will make it an enriching experience. 


Chief Strategy Officer,
Contract Advertising
Comments (8)
Prabhakar Mundkur Rohit, if I had to write about Umesh, I would have said much the same thing!You have described Umesh brilliantly. Well done and well written. Cheers. Prabs
22 Apr 2016 Reply
Manish Sakuja (Guest) Umesh Shrikhande is a pleasure to work with. 
21 Apr 2016 Reply
Monisha Mukherjee (Guest) Umesh Shrikhande has indeed changed the face of Indian advertising. 
20 Apr 2016 Reply
Charulatha Mishra (Guest) Umesh Shrikhande inspite of his numerous good qualities, remains forever humble. 
20 Apr 2016 Reply
Kumar Vasan (Guest) Umesh Shrikhande is full of understanding and knowledge. He is also a great teacher. 
19 Apr 2016 Reply
Rajeev Sharma (Guest) Could not agree more.Umesh Is a man whose generosity of spirit,innate humanity, instinct for leadership and sense of humour combine to make him  loved by everyone who has had the good fortune to know him.  Tons of respect , buddy
18 Apr 2016 Reply
Sandeep Vashist (Guest) Umesh Shrikhande is ever charming and a totally sweet man. :)
18 Apr 2016 Reply
Parul Sinha (Guest) Humility, thy name is Umesh Srikhande!
18 Apr 2016 Reply


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