Sumanto Chattopadhyay

By Sujoy Roy
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Sumanto Chattopadhyay
Jesus In Jeans

When you meet Sumanto Chattopadhyay, you’ll know, almost instinctively, why Neil French calls him ‘Jesus in Jeans’. I mean, the man is a messiah when it comes to English copy. He is impeccable at crafting words, has a fan following and continues to be the guiding light for countless copywriters who populate the advertising industry. And he’s been my Boss from the day I walked into Ogilvy.

When I look back, I can’t remember a single day when the door to his cabin would be shut. It always had the welcoming smell of fresh coffee. All you had to say was, ‘Do you have a minute?’ and walk in. Almost shamelessly. And he would greet you, discuss ideas, offer solutions and by the time you left his room you’d feel good about yourself. Even his criticism was tempered with unflinching logic. The biggest contribution that he has had in the industry, apart from the elaborate portfolio of Brands that he’s built, is the trust and confidence that he has instilled in his juniors. He literally weaponised us with the ability to think big.

He is one of those rare creative writers who has the ability to think and express his thoughts visually. I still remember a meeting where a Maharashtra Tourism campaign hadn’t turned out exactly as he’d visualised it. He was on his way back from the Cannes Lions Festival in France. We had one day to finalise the work for the presentation. Shumo didn’t like the art so he asked me to present the copy to the client. Just the copy. On a word document. After a month of work on the campaign. He said, ‘Read the copy and bring it alive visually.’  We sold the campaign. The client loved it. Apart from being a successful campaign the work won several awards nationally and internationally. I still remember that one meeting – The meeting where a Creative Director had the confidence in a rookie to sell a campaign on the sheer strength of the idea and writing. It changed my life forever.

Clients love working with Sumanto. And that’s one thing all his juniors have attempted to imbibe from him. He’s never late for meetings. Has a disciplined approach to work. Thinks strategically. Spots business problems easily. And understands the importance of the time-crunch that plagues our industry. Not many know that he has an MBA and has a degree in Mathematics. It was his love for writing that pushed him towards advertising. In his free time he doubles up as a theatre actor. And believe you me, in the thirteen years that I have worked with him, I have never seen him age. Perhaps he is Aeon – The Greek God of eternity, resurrected as the ‘Jesus in Jeans’.


Senior Creative Director
Ogilvy, Kolkata
Comments (9)
Nikhil Aggarwal (Guest) Sumanto Chattopadhyay seems like the best kind of boss one can have. 
08 Apr 2016 Reply
Ankur Mittal (Guest) Love this rainmaker. It is quite fun to read, and also portrays Sumanto Gosh exactly as he is. :)
04 Apr 2016 Reply
Ira Pandey (Guest) "Perhaps he is Aeon The Greek God of eternity, resurrected as the Jesus in Jeans." Love this description of Sumanto.
01 Apr 2016 Reply
Manisha Shukla (Guest) Sumanto always helps his people build confidence. 
01 Apr 2016 Reply
Vaishali iyer (Guest) Very inspiring. I have been a silent admirer of Sumanto when I was at ogilvy healthworld. Indeed very approachable and inspiring. Lovely to heat he is a numbers guy. Just reiterates that creativity is all about passion and love for your work. All the best 
01 Apr 2016 Reply
Surajit (Guest) such an inspiring read Sujoy
31 Mar 2016 Reply
Rajiv Chaani (Guest) Sumanto is a very approachable guy. You can always go to him with a problem and he'll always help you.
31 Mar 2016 Reply
Namita Dwivedi (Guest) Sumanto Chattopadhyay is a man who is clear about his goals and knows how to achieve them. 
31 Mar 2016 Reply
Surbhi Singh (Guest) An English copy messiah! Hahaha.. Well in that case, Jesus in Jeans is perfect for Sumanto Chattopadhyay. 
31 Mar 2016 Reply


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