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By Lata Subramanian
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Anand Halve
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There are three qualities that advertising greats have in common. The first quality is a deep interest in the way life functions. The second is a soul-deep honesty, which allows for detached observation of what motivates people. The third is really an outcome of the first two but still requires a rare talent. I am speaking of the ability to connect the dots between market trends, a business situation and the needs of consumers.

Andy (Anand Halve) has all the above qualities… plus two more.

Andy is a rare breed in the profession of advertising and marketing (and in life, for that matter) because he approaches his work, clients, colleagues and life with humility. It is this quality, over and above everything else, which undoubtedly makes Andy a very likeable person and a pleasure to work with.

Knowledge, intelligence and talent when combined with humility and likeability results in harnessing people around an idea and making it work. That’s Anand Halve for you. A Rainmaker, if I ever knew one.



CMO, Sterling Holiday Resorts India Ltd.
Comments (9)
Sabina Morais (Guest) I have journeyed the advertising industry for 20 years. This article has inspired and motivated me even more, as every word written is the experience of a motivated human who has climbed every step of the ladder with self denial, humility and patience. We want more....
17 Dec 2015 Reply
Santosh Bhatt (Guest) Reading about people like Mr. Halve is very inspiring. One feels motivated and learns things that need to be inculcated in order to develop as an individual as well as a professional. Eagerly waiting for more. 
29 Jul 2015 Reply
Anand Halve (Guest) Hi Srishti. Some of my shayari is posted on my blog, And a shayari collection will be published soon.
22 Jul 2015 Reply
Srishti Arora (Guest) I have read a lot of your articles but now that we hear about urdu shayari, do you have a blog for that too ? 
22 Jul 2015 Reply
Veeran Mallik (Guest) Anand Halve does write rather well. Some of Anand's posts are brilliant. A treat.
22 Jul 2015 Reply
Urvashi Singh (Guest) He is an avid writer, a professional at heart and dedicated to whatever he does. He radiates positive energy that helps while working on a challenging project.
21 Jul 2015 Reply
Atul Dube (Guest) I could not agree more with Lata and Sundeep. But I would like to point out one more rare quality in Andy - that of being a great lover and exponent himself of Urdu Shaiyri - he is amazingly good at that too. Besides, Andy has a unique way of demystifying strategy without the usual jargon - it is so logical and simple that you just have to agree with it. His invaluable inputs and intuitive insights have helped me win several pitches over the years. My pranaams to Sirji!
21 Jul 2015 Reply
Sundeep Nagpal (Guest) It's almost 25 years since I last "worked" with Andy, (at Enterprise Advertising), but he continues to "work" on me and "for" me. and I have to say, I got really lucky. We've been in touch albeit not as often as one would have liked to, but every such encounter has been memorable. Lata, you've been quite incisive about your understanding of this rare human being. If I may add, I've experienced one more quality in Andy - it's his undeclared and almost hidden desire to contribute to enriching someone's life. I wish the world had just a few more such Givers!
21 Jul 2015 Reply
Jayant Arora (Guest) Very nicely put... I am a big fan of his insightful articles as well.
21 Jul 2015 Reply


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