Rana Barua

By Rohit Srivastava
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Rana Barua
Sailor at the Helm

The world of advertising has many kinds of people. There are the Hunters – great at sniffing out opportunities, moving with speed to make decisive and pre-emptive strikes and pulling different levers to ensure that strategic interests are always protected and key targets achieved. Then there are the Farmers – adept at nurturing talent, protecting and supporting people, looking after their interest in a genuine way; traits that help them earn fierce loyalties and build powerful teams around them.

Rana, in my opinion, is a rare combination of the two archetypes. Blessed with a powerful sixth sense, he has a keen eye for spotting opportunities and challenges, ahead of time. This, coupled with clarity of thought and a strong bias for action, makes him a strong and decisive leader. It is on the back of such strong traits that his genuine concern and care for people, makes him a truly endearing colleague and professional. The ability to back people to a fault, to not just give them the freedom and independence but indeed, the blind faith that compels them to rise to the occasion and deliver beyond their capacity, is truly admirable. Not surprising therefore, that he is great at holding his team very tightly knitted together and playing in unison, much like the famous Dutch soccer team of the seventies, who pioneered the concept of Total Football!

All in all, a package that makes him an inspiring leader, who will always be at the helm of great teams and great results.


Chief Strategy Officer,
Contract Advertising
Comments (13)
Priyanka Gothi (Guest) Rana Barua is indeed the real package of an inspiring leader.
07 Mar 2016 Reply
Anusuya Ravindran (Guest) Rana Barua is very intuitive when it comes to his professional life. He has a good eye for real talent.  
04 Mar 2016 Reply
Piya Arora (Guest) Rana Barua has the sight of an eagle. He can spot a talent from a mile away. 
03 Mar 2016 Reply
Preeti Singh (Guest) love this rainmaker!
02 Mar 2016 Reply
Geetanjali Chawla (Guest) Rana Barua truly is a mix of a Hunter and a Farmer. :) Love this Rainmaker
02 Mar 2016 Reply
Shivangi Tamta (Guest) Sailor at the Helm- an apt title for Rana Barua
01 Mar 2016 Reply
Rumneek Gupta (Guest) I love the Dutch soccer reference. It does suit Rana Barua to a T.
01 Mar 2016 Reply
Joseph Paul (Guest) "a package that makes him an inspiring leader, who will always be at the helm of great teams and great results."- True statement!!
01 Mar 2016 Reply
Pratyusha Vasan (Guest) Rana Barua does have a keen eye for details. He usually picks things out that most people overlook. 
01 Mar 2016 Reply
Harneet (Guest) Well said Rohit. Rana is a true team player who has wonderfully managed to lead his team to great wins against all odds.
01 Mar 2016 Reply
Birju Mohan (Guest) Rana Barua is a team player as well as a great leader.
01 Mar 2016 Reply
Pritika Sanghi (Guest) There are very few people who have the ability to sniff out opportunities as well as nurture talent. Rana Barua is that rare gem.
01 Mar 2016 Reply
Sanaya Sasi (Guest) Mr. Barua's blind faith in his employees has paid off. But it is a risk nonetheless and I admire him for taking that risk.
01 Mar 2016 Reply


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