Ramesh Narayan

By Monica Tata
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Ramesh Narayan
Humility, thy name is Ramesh Narayan
Getting me to write about Mr Ramesh Narayan is like getting a rookie in Apple Co. to write about Steve Jobs!
However, will attempt to share some insights about a man who the advertising industry absolutely loves and respects .
I have known Ramesh sir ( just can’t take his name without adding that) only for the last few years. Whilst I had heard of him when I was indeed a rookie in the industry, I got the privilege to meet and interact with him only when I joined IAA. That's when I came to know a man who we read about in old folk tales! 
A man who gives without expecting anything in return, a man who contributes for the larger good of the industry, a man who brings cheer to the underprivileged, a man who lights up a billion lives, a man who makes you aware for the need of doing more for the environment, a man who questions the status quo on gender diversity, a man who inspires you to be a better human being. Yes he is not a fictional character from an old folk tale where you would doubt that such a man can actually exist..he is real..he is RAMESH sir.
From being an active advertising professional when he ran Canco advertising to holding leadership positions of all leading industry bodies, be it AAAI, Adclub, IAA, he has contributed immensely to the growth of the advertising industry. In the recent past some of the marquee IAA events were his ideas which he mentored many in the IAA mancom to make them as hugely successful initiatives..namely , IAA leadership awards, IAA olive crown awards, VOW - seminar on gender diversity, indIAA awards to name a few. 
I have had the honor to be mentored by him on a few initiatives and it is amazing how he is able to get multi perspectives to every challenge and arrive at a solution with such calmness and élan! 
When you say you are from the world of advertising, there is a certain image you conjure..Ramesh sir is a complete anti thesis of that image! Which is why it's always such a pleasure to spend time with a man who knows more than A-Z of advertising but believes he is still learning!
And just when you are settling to be in awe of this man, one finds out he is, a philanthropist ,a philosopher and a photographer! I have had the privilege to get a glimpse of all these avatars.  
In everyone's life, one comes across people who influence you, mentor you and inspire you. Ramesh sir would have been that person to many am sure and I am one of the privileged ones too. It is my wish that many of you get to be one of the privileged ones as well, as it will not only make you better advertising professionals but better human beings! 
In the world history King Alfred of Wessex is known to be a perfect man in history. This is how he has been described…
" I desired to live worthily as long as I live, and to leave after my life, to the men who should come after me, the memory of me in good works" 
To me, these words encapsulate Ramesh sir in entirety. 
Comments (15)
Ridhey Krishnan (Guest) Ramesh Sir is no less perfect than King Alfred of Wessex. :)
10 Feb 2016 Reply
Prapti Elizabeth (Guest) It is a privilege to be mentored by Ramesh Sir.
08 Feb 2016 Reply
Malvika Prasad (Guest) The title of this Rainmaker is apt. I haven't met a more humble man. 
04 Feb 2016 Reply
Littisha Lawrence (Guest) This article encapsulates the true nature of Mr. Ramesh Narayan. :)
04 Feb 2016 Reply
Dristi Rawat (Guest) Ramesh Narayan never stops to surprise you. Just when you think you know the man, a new aspect of his personality comes up.
04 Feb 2016 Reply
Tapan Basu (Guest) Ms. Tata, you have given Ramesh Sir the highest regard and respect possible to give your teacher and mentor. Love the article. 
03 Feb 2016 Reply
Akshay Mohanty (Guest) Ramesh Sir is the best kind of mentor you can ask for. 
03 Feb 2016 Reply
Subha Barry (Guest) I have the great privilege of calling him my friend for over 37 years!  This is a man who makes the world a better place by being in it - not just once in awhile but every day; That's something very few people can claim.  And he loves dogs - not just pedigree dogs, but the kind you find on the streets - ask him to tell you about the ones he and Devi have rescued and adopted.....to me, an animal lover is in a class all their own!
02 Feb 2016 Reply
Preeti Kaur (Guest) Ramesh Narayan is the best kind of teacher because he never stops learning. :)
02 Feb 2016 Reply
Shivangi Kaur (Guest) "I desired to live worthily as long as I live, and to leave after my life, to the men who should come after me, the memory of me in good works"- a perfect description of Ramesh Narayan. 
02 Feb 2016 Reply
Karthik Iyer (Guest) Ramesh Narayan wears many hats and each one is better than the previous one. 
02 Feb 2016 Reply
Pia Pandey (Guest) It is always the exceptions to the rule that being out the best in you and motivate you the most. Ramesh Narayan is one such guy. 
02 Feb 2016 Reply
Nishant Kapoor (Guest) Well, he really is a man out of the folk tales!
02 Feb 2016 Reply
Poorvi Sinha (Guest) Ramesh Narayan comes across as a genuienly good human being and a determined professional. 
02 Feb 2016 Reply
Surabhi Singh (Guest) The way you have written Ms. Tata, Ramesh Narayan seems like the good ol' king from our childhood fairytales. The one who always had all the answers and the best advice.
02 Feb 2016 Reply


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