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Raghu Bhat
The Listener

I have now known Raghu for almost 2 decades now. I first met him at Contract Advertising in 1996 where he joined as a trainee. I still remember he had this geeky personality , soft spoken and an Engineer which was impressive as it was rare for Engineers to join Advertising. Not just intelligent, Raghu was a thinking creative right from his early days. Must admit , much smarter then many around him. Apart from his logical approach to things, his USP was that ' Slow Motion Smile ' as I call it, even then. It's as though Raghu's brain is processing the receptiveness of what he just said or presented and then releases his smile slowly based on the response.

My first impression of Raghu was something that stands true to date . A talented writer with great listening skills who works hard to understand the business challenge before working on the creative idea. A logical thinking creative who being an engineer found it easy to have a structured approach. I do believe he learnt a lot from the people he worked with in his early days and the creative enabling culture at his early agencies like Contract and others laid the foundation of his professional evolution.
After Contract, I lost touch but was updated on Raghu as he rose in the creative world winning all awards there were to win. What impressed me most in his journey was his entrepreneurial appetite when he started Scarecrow in 2010 with Manish and Joy.

My next contact with Raghu was in 2011 when as part of my own entrepreneurial adventure, I was looking at a creative partner and invited Scarecrow along with 2 other leading agencies. I was keen to partner with an agency whose ideation is built around the brand's business priority and challenge. Clarity of thought and his ability to come up with ' Creative Ideas That Have A Consumer Connect ' have been his forte. And to date I believe that approach continues with all clients he work on. Scarecrow did win the Quikr business and made some interesting films that did the job it was meant to do!

An important part of Raghu's personality is his willingness to learn at every opportunity and is one of the few creative people I know who recognized the importance of digital marketing. I continue to be in touch with Raghu and wish him and Scarecrow the very best in 2016 and years to come.

Keep listening is all I can advise him.


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Comments (11)
Karan Singhania (Guest) Raghu Bhat is a student through and through. No matter what happens, he won't stop learning. :)
25 Jan 2016 Reply
Sukwinder Singh (Guest) Well deserved Raghu Bhat. Very well deserved. :)
22 Jan 2016 Reply
Manjula Uniyal (Guest) It comes as a surprise to me that Raghu Bhat is from an engineering background. He has done tremendously well in the advertising industry.
22 Jan 2016 Reply
Chandani Chowdhary (Guest) You can only be a good teacher if you are a good student. Raghu Bhat fits the bill.
21 Jan 2016 Reply
Manan Shetty (Guest) "Slow Motion Smile". I know what you mean by his smile being his USP. 
20 Jan 2016 Reply
Neha Vishwanath (Guest) I agree that Raghu Bhat is a great listener. I've had very few interactions with him, and that has proven to be the truth.
20 Jan 2016 Reply
Arushi Jain (Guest) Raghu Bhat is a really sweet guy. A very dedicated and down to earth fellow. 
20 Jan 2016 Reply
Ananya Sahu (Guest) It's not just the ad industry where Raghu shines like a diamond, he did a wonderful job with "Waif" (a short film which had the mesmerizing effect of ocean waves meeting the molten lava. It juxtaposes Sufi music against violence. A splendid piece of work).
19 Jan 2016 Reply
Hardik Krishnan (Guest) True Deeksha, there is a lot that can be learnt from Mr. Bhat. His enthusiasm and passion for work just rubs off on you.
19 Jan 2016 Reply
Tanika Chauhan (Guest) "Great listening skills who works hard to understand the business challenge before working on the creative idea"- Suppose this is one of the reasons for Scarecrows' success.
19 Jan 2016 Reply
Deeksha Walia (Guest) Raghu Bhat is a wonderful person to work with. You can learn a lot from him.
19 Jan 2016 Reply


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