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Why I did a Rainmaker on myself

The author is an extremely respected falaan-falaan from the one of the biggest falaan-falaan agencies belonging to a leading falaan-falaan network. He has had an extremely great career working on falaan-falaan brands and most notably he has contributed to the success of falaan-falaan brands with the scintillating work now famous as ‘falaan-falaan’.

With this fabulously crafted tribute to myself, let me arrive at what I want to say. This Rainmaker shower our marketing colleagues and industry stalwarts turn on us is greatly appreciated but, unfortunately not enough.

We need rain in the original meaning of rainmaker. We need to make money from our work, our strategy, our contributions. It is this dwindling resource that is now a leaky piddle instead of a shower, that needs plumbing.

We need a gush, an actual, real gush and not just gushing praise.

Somehow this industry that had a natural flair for the premium, that helped brands and marketing companies and bottomlines make the premium, has completely lost the art of the premium. We are reduced to begging for cost-plus nominals!

What happened to the Great Negotiators of the earlier days, the guys who wore better suits than the clients and could just smile back at the attempts to negotiate by clients? On both sides of us are better cars nowadays. The people we farm out work to, film companies, event agencies, other producers and the people who hand out work to us, the marketing high-fliers, all have aspirational logos.

We did something wrong, and we need to correct it.

I have seen with my own eyes, some of the most amazing brand assets handed over to clients in the most casual and flamboyant of ways. I have heard and read of many, many more. I have stood stupefied at award ceremonies and effectiveness juries and wondered about the value of these properties, transferred for a fee to marketers who have employed them for years, decades. Some have passed on one creative agency’s work to another without as much as a thought to compensating for it or buying over the IPR.

Something probably was wrong in the descriptor of our business. We were agents of media till a point in time. Then forces separated us and created media brothers out of us. But. We still remained agents! Aah, now we were assumed to be agents of the clients we serviced, probably. See agents are reps, they are commissioned to do things for the project initiators and owners. They don’t really own anything. Therefore they get paid for their services, their time, their project involvement and certainly not for the assets they create.

This rain is what we need to turn back on. We need to represent ourselves better at the negotiables in boardrooms. And I suspect, it is the creative people who will need to push this. Maybe I am wrong, but somehow I feel that the person who ideates, who develops, who nurtures an idea can be tutored and trained to sit and be a bit more resistant when the beating-down-of-costs bend arrives on the pitch or annual projections journey. Or at least the poor guy neeeds to be involved or told about the price at which her/his invaluable gem has been handed over.

I also believe our clients, some of who are our drinking buddies, our co-vacationeers, do know and secretly think that we are richly deserving of this rain, but who will in these cost-tightening times, really voice it, when we ourselves look the other way?

This is the rain that our industry needs to survive, to be respected and to stand our ground when our ideas are ‘modified’.

We all need to become Rainmakers for ourselves. And this is the reason, a falaan-falaan wrote this Rainmaker about a falaan-falaan.

Ghost-written for Amer Jaleel, so no one comes to know.

Join the conversation- Clients need to pay us fair at  #PayUsFair

Falaan Falaan
Comments (16)
Smruti Choudhury Isn't this also a problem of plenty? With so many agencies around these days, it is only natural that the client will drive the market instead of the other way around. Why are there so many agencies, coz every respected Falan Falan thinks that they can branch out and start on their own.
16 Sep 2016 Reply
Ashish Sharma (Guest) Glad someone finally spoke up! 
18 Jan 2016 Reply
Meenal Chatterjee (Guest) The advertising industry should form a body that will help them fight for their rights. Even the film industry has them and so do the screenwriters. 
18 Jan 2016 Reply
Aditya Kripalani (Guest) So true. So so true. At least with screenwriters in India, they have a body called the FWA that protects their rights. They still get fleeced as such but someone at least agrees that there is an IPR. High time that this became true of advertising. No less of an art form. 
15 Jan 2016 Reply
Mrunal Jain (Guest) Just thinking about something doesn't make things happen. You need to say it out loud and do something to make it happen. Glad someone finally took the initiative.
14 Jan 2016 Reply
Bharti Sharma (Guest) Finally someone said it! High time.
14 Jan 2016 Reply
Shereen Mukherjee (Guest) Well said!! It was high time to start talking about it. 
13 Jan 2016 Reply
achal (Guest) so well put across. vendors, people who give the job too can only benefit and do some good work idea if the creatives get their dues first. 
13 Jan 2016 Reply
Shaorodeep Roy (Guest) The creative people should starting fighting for what they want. It's high time they were paid well for the job they do.
13 Jan 2016 Reply
Elizabeth Mathew (Guest) "We all need to become Rainmakers for ourselves."- well written. Be the change you want to see.
13 Jan 2016 Reply
Pallavi Matthew (Guest) There needs to a unity in the industry. They need to come together and discuss more openly.
12 Jan 2016 Reply
Arti Pandey (Guest) Crops don't grow without rain, so the advertising industry better start showering it' s employees with the necessary means, if it wants to survive.
12 Jan 2016 Reply
Cyril Saju (Guest) No industry can expect someone to work efficiently without due credit and pay. Believe it or not Good pay= good work.
12 Jan 2016 Reply
Sanjana Dua (Guest) Advertising industry = poor pay checks #facts
12 Jan 2016 Reply
Shefali Aggarwal (Guest) Pay is playing the role of a bone of contention in many work-places. Many industries including the advertising industry has not been paying their employees fair and that needs to change soon.
12 Jan 2016 Reply
Manisha Shukla (Guest) Wow!! This is such a wonderfully written Rainmaker article. This articles urges one to become Rainmakers in their own right.
12 Jan 2016 Reply


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