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By Debraj Tripathy
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Sam Balsara
The Real Sam

I have tremendous amount of respect for Sam Balsara, one of the biggest names in Indian advertising and media. Though I met him way back in 1998, it was only in 2011 that I began working with him closely. All I will say is that it's a pleasure to work with a man like Sam, not because of his legendary status but simply to understand the degree of extreme humility and sincerity that he has despite the astounding success he has achieved. He still has a way of thinking that is "old world" -- he has the basic values of working very, very hard even today; he doesn't believe in shortcuts, relying instead on "growing slowly but surely" as he often tells us. It is this value system that gives him credibility even today and makes him a brand name to reckon with. And while his thinking is old world, Sam is someone who will offer you complete freedom to work towards the betterment of a project or for the company. He will not impose his opinion unnecessarily (only where it is essential). It is his core philosophy of having ethics and values that has allowed him to create prize winning advertisements and brands. And it is this attitude that he also applies in running his companies and businesses. In the years of working closely with him, it is my belief that Sam's sheer value system makes him stand out from the rest of the crowd. He doesn't deviate from his basics even as he injects dynamism in his work, be it building brands or businesses. There are admakers and then there are admakers but Sam stands out. Why? Because he's someone who is always willing to connect. He is someone who is happy to disagree with you, willing to debate on how one should move forward, happy to hear you out while being very clear about how he wants to move forward. The best part: No matter how busy he is, he's accessible to everyone. I haven't seen many people in his position be that way. But with Sam, you know he's just a call away. No surprise then that he commands that superlative degree of respect from everyone in the fraternity. 

MD, MediaCom, India
Comments (10)
Karan Grover (Guest) Sam is my role model, no words to express my gratitude on what all learned from him in the first three years of my work life
08 Feb 2016 Reply
Rahul Narayan (Guest) It's refreshing to know that man of such prestige does not impose his opinions on others.
01 Dec 2015 Reply
Shivalika Batra (Guest) He has an inherent value system that has helped him grow and succeed over the years.
30 Nov 2015 Reply
Bhavna B (Guest) Sam Balsara was "India's Most Influential Media Person" for the last 10 consecutive years and he is still humble. Great guy!
27 Nov 2015 Reply
Rohit Radhakrishnan (Guest) The dedication with which Sam Balsara does his job, his involvement with others and his being an amazing listener is respect worthy.
26 Nov 2015 Reply
Himani Bali (Guest) Being accessible to everyone who needs him, at his stature, is unheard of.
25 Nov 2015 Reply
Monica Tamta (Guest) I think as long as your foundation is strong and immovable, whatever you build on it will hold for a very long time.
24 Nov 2015 Reply
Aditi Gaur (Guest) There are not many people, who are humble despite their amazing success, but Sam Balsara is one of them.
24 Nov 2015 Reply
ravi kumar (Guest) @Rani Sam read the tea leaves early enough and had the first mover advantage in building the media business. I was told that he was always a benevolent tiger even while he was in traditional advertising. Sam is Sam without doubt the most respected man in Media services today.
24 Nov 2015 Reply
rani sharma (Guest) Sam is a tiger of the industry.. he has almost single handedly lead the media industry from the front and built an empire.
24 Nov 2015 Reply


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