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Storm Trooper

Describing Anil Kapoor as a ‘Rain Maker’ is a bit of an understatement. He is much more than that; he is a ‘Storm Trooper’ more than a ‘Rain Maker’. When he joined an ailing Ulka Advertising everyone in the ad agency business were surprised how a dyed-in-wool marketing man, who had spent 15 years+ in marketing could be trusted to turnaround a legacy agency. Most experts gave him one year. The charitable ones gave 18 months. But he proved all of them wrong. When he moved out as the Regional Head of FCB around a decade plus back, the Indian arm had hit the top three slot, consisting of two full service agencies, a media agency, with specialist arms in digital, direct, consulting etc. He managed to achieve a remarkable turnaround by focusing on a few fundamental beliefs. Firstly he built a great team, though I am saying it myself. He identified key people who were in Ulka who he decided to retain and promote. He hired just a few from outside. To his credit he managed to retain all of them right through his 15+ years as the MD of the agency. Secondly he proclaimed that the client’s business was the agency’s  business. The agency adopted the mantra of living and sleeping with the client’s problems. He shunned awards and PR to the extent some thought the agency was too inward looking.  But it was part of his strategy of focusing on the client’s business. If the client does well, the agency will do even better.  The third principle was of being P&L oriented; so he pushed his team to ensure they were adequately compensated by clients. He took an active part in industry level debates on the merits of the media commission system. Along with several industry leaders he ensured that agencies did not succumb to undue client pressures. Finally he loved working on brands, with his sleeves rolled up. Nothing was too small. The music in an ad. The voice over’s quality. The body copy in the print ad. He used to work crazy hours and during peak campaign development days there was nothing like day and night. Obviously when you work day and night, you will end up raising a storm. Rains will follow.


Founder and Brand Strategist
Comments (15)
Aashish Thakur One of the best person I have ever worked with. He knew how to get the best of out the people. Truly amazing personality.
02 Dec 2015 Reply
Dominic Dsouza AK loves a good big laugh. Quick with his wit. My interview with AK for the post of Ulka Studio Head was a 2 minute affair. He said Tell me about yourself.
10 Nov 2015 Reply
Anshul Shashank (Guest) "when you work day and night, you will end up raising a storm. Rains will follow."- truest statement. 
09 Nov 2015 Reply
Raj Sarkar (Guest) Hard work and perseverance will always lead to success and Anil Kapoor has proven that over and over again.
06 Nov 2015 Reply
niteen bhagwat (Guest) Storm trooper is so apt. beautifully written and it so captures the mantra that he lives by.
05 Nov 2015 Reply
Drapil Deshpande (Guest) "He shunned awards and PR"- this just shows that Anil Kapoor was interested in progress and not glory. Great man!
05 Nov 2015 Reply
Anil Shankar (Guest) My first boss... when I joined Ulka as a trainee copywriter. He was seriously a storm trooper!
04 Nov 2015 Reply
Kalpesh Talpade (Guest) "when you work day and night, you will end up raising a storm"- truest statement ever. Kapoor's dedication and hard-work had to raise a storm. That's just how he rolls. :)
04 Nov 2015 Reply
nagesh alai (Guest) brevity is the soul.........an apt articulation of a insightful man
03 Nov 2015 Reply
Rumneek Dhingra (Guest) Kapoor treated his clients like kings and his hand-on approach is one of the major reasons  why he could turn things around at FCB
03 Nov 2015 Reply
Sanjana Singh (Guest) "Most experts gave him one year. The charitable ones gave 18 months. But he proved all of them wrong. "- A man like Anil Kapoor, who puts his all into his job, who is determined to succeed in his work will definitely prove the demotivators wrong. 
03 Nov 2015 Reply
Rajesh Gupta (Guest) A legend he is... One of the few pillars that built our business
03 Nov 2015 Reply
Kritika Pant (Guest) I think the main reason Anil Kapoor managed to turn things around is because he absolutely loved his work. That itself gives a certain energy and motivation to do the job
03 Nov 2015 Reply
Seema Khati (Guest) It's always the quiet one who emerge victorious. And Anil Kapoor proved just that.
03 Nov 2015 Reply
Mansi Khanna (Guest) Wow!!!
03 Nov 2015 Reply


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