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By Akshay Kumar
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titus upputuru
Dil Se

I have known Titus since quite a few years now. He has been writing some fantastic stuff for me, and otherwise too. His many years of experience and understanding of the brands he works with, gives him an added advantage. I really enjoyed working with him on all the work we did together. When he first read the Grasim script to me at my place, I asked him if he wrote it. He said yes. I could not believe it because it was so beautifully written… it was like my own life. My favorite work for me though are the films he writes for me for Honda -Zameen se jab hum paaon uthaate hain, pankh apne aap lag jaate hain-and the song "dekho dekho yeh zamana..." It's a trip in its own. I keep telling him that he writes beautifully. Recently I liked how he wrote and directed a short film for Omron called Tumhaari Amma. We are working on something personally too and the first draft he has written is beautiful... Emotional and touching. I told him that I want him to write and direct something for me!


Indian actor, Producer and Martial artist
Comments (13)
Nia Sharma (Guest) Titus Upputuru's beginning in the world of advertising is a really fun story. I always look forward to his work and articles.
30 Oct 2015 Reply
Ritwik Raju (Guest) These kinds of good and inspiring stories are the best part of Kulzy. Great job!
29 Oct 2015 Reply
Sanjana Patil (Guest) It is so humbling to know that a big-shot man like Titus Upputuru is so down to earth. Great man!
29 Oct 2015 Reply
Anurag Banu (Guest) His ads are not cliched and that is the main reason I enjoy his work.
29 Oct 2015 Reply
Kriti Sharma (Guest) Exploratory and a risk taker... Titus is both and that is the reason why his ads have always been so good.
28 Oct 2015 Reply
Rakesh Kumar Gouda Tumhari Amma has a very sweet storyline.. breaking stereotypes....
27 Oct 2015 Reply
sudipt maitra (Guest) A great human Titus...with no airs,wish you well
27 Oct 2015 Reply
Vijay Rawal (Guest) Titus Upputuru is one of the best creative directors in the country right now. His work is not just creative, but also original and inspiring.
27 Oct 2015 Reply
Nirmal Pandey (Guest) Dekho dekho yeh zamana... used to be my favorite ad when it was running. Absolutely delightful and amazing.
27 Oct 2015 Reply
Apoorva Dhawan (Guest) Tumhari Amma was a beautiful ad. I didn't know Titus Upputuru was the man behind it.
27 Oct 2015 Reply
Ujwala Ronak (Guest) Those Honda ads were really amazing and innovative.
27 Oct 2015 Reply
Sujata Arora (Guest) Dile se is an appropriate title for this:-) 
27 Oct 2015 Reply
ramesh sharma (Guest) OMG! Bollywood meets Indian Advertising...
27 Oct 2015 Reply


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