Samit Sinha

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Samit Sinha
Fool On The Hill

Almost a decade ago, I used to work with a gentleman called Samit Sinha. A lot of my memories are hazy, yet some a lot clearer now. What’s clear is my memory of his sheer brilliance in his chosen profession, his acumen, his ability to problem solve and his diligence born out of his passion for his profession.

In my twenty years of knowing him – first as a lowly Account Supervisor and then somehow miraculously as he made me Partner at Alchemist – I don’t remember a time when he wasn’t clearly the brightest person in the room.

For me, Samit has always been the benchmark of integrity. I remember how he would refuse any business that worked on principles that go beyond the work:income correlation. One could say that it’s not the way the world works – but, that’s exactly how he worked.

His zest for life was infectious. He has been the encyclopedia of Rock music, Himalayas and useless trivia. Always ready for a hill vacation and a good book to read. Always ready to recommend a book, an article or ready to tell you interesting stories about things he has just experienced. His zest for life and the useless entertaining trivia made him the perfect traveling companion.

He had once told me how it’s important that nothing that we’re not proud of, ever leaves our desks or mailboxes. I am sure, that even now, he doesn’t sleep much before an important project presentation. He would always question strategies till the last moment – even when they seemed rock solid. A lot of the benchmarks that I set for myself professionally, are thanks to him.

Samit believed that at Alchemist, we were all like dolphins swimming in a sea of sharks. I liked the sound of it then but I know what he meant now, more than ever before.

There is a difference between a Rockstar and a CEO. The Rockstar doesn’t care.

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